Happy Day After Christmas

Can’t quite believe Christmas has been and gone again, already. I should add that I tried to post this yesterday, but gave up in the end after the Internet went to shit. Way too slow for my liking, and it was starting to interrupt my day in a big way. Had a right good one in the end. Found us some giblets and everything, and a mince pie crust with a few bits of mince still attached. Nice.

Weather wise, it’s all back to normal after the madness of last week. Jesus. Thought the next ice age was kicking in, big time. However, unlike the last snow dump back in Feb, this time I’ll have to provide a news story link rather than pics. Frankly, I couldn’t be arsed to go out in it. Tucked myself nicely under Richmond Bridge, and went to sleep for a few days. Don’t ask me how I ended up in Richmond. No fucking idea but, having woken up there, I figured I might as well hang around. Basically, all I did was fly about a bit by the river, stuff my face, and go back to sleep again. Pigeons have got it good in Richmond, and they know it. Mart joined me for a couple of days, but got bored and flew back.

I promised him I’d be home for Christmas day, so I was. Nice easy wintery fly, and back in the Soho thick of it, although it’s not really that ‘thick’ at all at Christmas. Pretty fucking dead as it goes, apart from the tourists. That’s all there are – tourists. Mind you, it’s great for Shit or Miss, and, incredibly, there’s a fair few don’t know about the feeding ban either.

The fact they can’t understand the signage is something I always find quite surprising:

“‘Hmmm, I wonder what this means – don’t grope a pigeons underbelly when it’s eating?”

Talking signage, this was me yesterday dropping a festive protest shit, for old time’s sake.

Happy Christmas, people.

Your pal


(Thinking I might do a Christmas message at some point, bit like the Queen).

December 26, 2009. Uncategorized.

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