Rainy Days

Not sure why it is it’s been so long since I last posted. Probably down to the non-stop torrential rain, not to mention the hurricane wind blowing at you from all directions. Jesus. Not been a wind this bad since late ’89, or whenever it was. Pigeons blown all the way from Richmond to Bethnal Green, apparently. Mart knows someone who knows someone who was there. Got a load of pigeons under the Union Chapel roof just before they were about to be carried to Leamington Spa. Fair play.

I considered heading out earlier. See if I couldn’t catch me a few strays to rescue, and then thought the better of it. Guess it’s days like today when it pays to be a seagull.

Anyway – this was a typical scene, out and about near Tower Bridge.

Like I say, not known wet feet like it:

Couldn’t even be arsed to chase the walnut.

Mart shouted, ‘That old chestnut’, which made us laugh.

It was the only laugh we had all day.

Nope. Still can’t be arsed.

And then, it all goes a bit weird:

Nige spots a light reflection on the pavement and spends ages just staring at it.  A few more joined him, but he had it pretty much to himself for most of the day. Couldn’t walk straight for hours.

Anyway, word is there’s sun in the morning, so I’m heading out to get me some real rays.

November 29, 2009. Uncategorized.

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