The Trouble With Wind

Okay – clearly the freakishly warm weather has come to an end. Have to say, any desires I have ever had to go to India have been put right out of my head. Who ever heard of anywhere with a summer that only lasts a week? Oh yeah – London.

I should have started by apologising for the distinct lack of posts. This has been due to the fact that nothing has been happening in my life of late. Nothing whatsoever. So much so, on Saturday, I complained to Mart that we never did anything anymore, so he suggested a day trip to Richmond. Lovely place, despite the geese. I was right up for it, till we got going.

Leaving town was okay, but soon as we headed over Kew Gardens – Jesus. Never dealt with so much wind. Mental. Blowing about all over the place. Even took cover for a while in the Pagoda. Finally, we get to the river, and it’s even windier. Windy as hell. Bumped into a few locals who said that this level of wind was, in fact, quite unusual for this part of town.

Talk about ruffling the feathers:


And this is me. Couldn’t even do the straight line:


Then, things got a whole lot worse.

One big gust, and Trevor was almost on his way to North Sheen:


They promised me Richmond wasn’t always that windy.

I’m not so sure.

November 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Bob O'H replied:

    You’ve been off-line for a few days. Was it you who broke the LHC? Pretty funny, whoever it was.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Bob O’H: Nah. Wasn’t me, thankfully. Anyone know if it made a black hole yet?
      Your pal

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