Me, On The Pull. Oh Dear.

Momentarily breaking away from the squirrels…

Out and about the other day, I found myself suddenly attracted to a rather tasty lovely sunning herself on a statue near Hyde Park Corner. Stunning.

Thought I saw her take a look. Figured I was right in there, so Mart dared me to to make a move.

Oh dear.

Big mistake.

Here she is giving me what I thought was ‘the coy eye’:

Totally convinced, this was when Mart told me to go for it.

Casual landing, cleared the throat, and shuffled around a bit:

Thought I’d start with the basics.

Asked her what her name was. Nothing. So, I tried again. Nothing. Then, she looks round, and what do I do? Pretend I wasn’t looking.


What I did next, however, was even worse.

I only went and puffed myself up to give me a bit of extra bulk.

Still nothing, despite the puffing:

Shame up. Not remotely interested, so I let it all go. The whole lot.

Then, what does she do? Turns around just at that exact moment. Jesus.

Yet again, I look away, pretend nothing is going on, and that I’m just a casual bystander admiring the view:

Total fucking mess up.

Flew off just after this was taken. Mart was pissing himself. I wasn’t.

Anyone out there got any advice on successful pulling, let me know.

October 7, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Becci replied:

    Aw Brian, I don’t blame you for trying. She’s lovely.

  2. Andrew Samtoy replied:

    There’s more to life than birds, mate.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Becci: Isn’t she just. Oh well.
    Your pal

    Andrew Samtoy: Is there? Really?
    Your pal

  4. Piccolopigeon replied:

    A little bon-bon might work.
    I say try it again. She looks like she comes from excellent plumage.

  5. Mo replied:

    Yeah just give it a bit of time. Maybe a few compliments would help

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    Piccolopigeon: Sadly, I think you’re right. Pecking a little above my weight, possibly…
    Your pal

    Mo: Compliments are a good shout. Any ideas? Perhaps something along the line of ‘nice feathers’?
    Your pal

  7. Andrew Samtoy replied:

    OK, you’re right – there isn’t.

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