Flying Up Their Own Arses

Never been one for showing off, but these two have got it licked.

Makes me want to be a little but sick, frankly:

Cheers for Tweeting it Simon_Spread!

September 9, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    Radical. Can’t believe I’ve never seen another bird try that. Must be a mutant, fun-loving gene. I hope they breed.

  2. RoooRoooo replied:

    Epilepsy again? Seems to be very common among some pigeons..
    I adore how one of them, making his little “trick”, goes straight in the beak of the poor, unsuspecting follower.

  3. Bicoid Babe replied:

    Geoff used to do that before his mate left him.

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