It’s All Occurring in EC1

Check me and my up-to-the-minute London news. If anyone out there’s not got anything better to do with their day, haul your arse down to EC1 coz it’s kickin’ off, big style.

Bit of sunshine, a few Italian type food stalls, and some live music. Nice.

Here’s the scran layout for starters:

Loads of landing ops with plenty of room for some rear-entry under-the-table action. If played right, it has the potential for one big free-for-all for the pigeon.

Few of us rocked up earlier to check it out, and, let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed.

Here’s Mart giving it large in front of the barrier on Exmouth Market:

Then, a couple of us scored some crispy style bread bits just outside Strada:

Could have been some of last night’s shit. Not sure and, frankly, not that bothered.

And this is Ed getting ready to watch the parade:

Getting a little over-excited, some might say.

All in all, providing it doesn’t piss it down, I reckon it’s got the promise of a top day out written all over it.

Bring it on.

July 12, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Mo replied:

    Plenty of pickings at that market. Bit partial to it meself

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Mo: Oh yeah. Plenty of pickings indeed – Monday to Friday in fact! Particularly partial to the falafel myself.
    Your pal

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