Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations

Based on the fact I keep getting sent pictures of pigeons in normal everyday situations from around the world, I’ve decided to do a series of posts called, ‘Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations’.

First off, here’s a gang hanging out in Oslo sent to me by Glen. Cheers, Glen! I wasn’t entirely sure where Oslo was, so I looked it up. It’s here. For any that could ever be arsed, it’s not far as the crow flies.

Anyway, it was taken in a particularly rough part of town called Gronland. Apparently the dudes were attracted by the smell emanating from the Fisk&Vilt (Norwegian for Fish&Wild) barbeque. Didn’t get much of a look in though as the joint is heavily patrolled by large mustached bouncers who promptly kicked them out on account of their piss poor table manners.


Any of you out there want to send me your pics of pigeons from around the world in everyday situations, email them to brianpigeon AT gmail DOT com.

Nice one.

July 6, 2009. Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations, Uncategorized.


  1. Piccolopigeon replied:

    Great idea, Brian!
    Love it!
    Looks like pigeons in Oslo are adept at graffiti too!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Piccolopigeon: Sure are. Graffiti is a bit of a thing for the pigeon as you know.
    Your pal

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