Fitness For Pigeons In Action

Since the need to reduce pigeon obesity has become the hot topic of the day – see post below, I decided to go out and about showing some pals a couple of the moves. See if I can’t get the pigeons of London on the move. Obviously I don’t have the highly tuned skillset as the lovely Tracy, but I did my best.

Here are some of the results. First off, Sylvia trying the wing stretch:

Not bad for a first attempt. Noticing she didn’t look entirely comfortable, I suggested practicing it whilst ground-based would probably be easier.

Next up are these three. Thought I’d go for the neck exercise this time round telling them the key to great flying is a supple neck:

I sensed a distinct lack of interest apart from Jemma in the middle who gave it a good go. Fair play.

Next stop, St James’s park. Mart suggested trying it out on a group might work, so I did.

And that’s where it all went horribly wrong.

April 29, 2009. Uncategorized.

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