Easter Pigeon Love

It’s always kinda weird when I skip town. Takes me a couple of days to get back into the swing. Know what I mean? Spent most of today pondering on a game of shit or miss. Mart suggested Covent Garden as the sun was out. Couldn’t be arsed in the end.

Quite fancied a return visit to St James’s Park though after yesterday’s cracking result.

The park’s becoming a bit of a hang out these days, despite the squirrels.

Caught one doing this last Thursday:

Jesus. Size of those hands. Imagine those coming at you punching the air in a furry frenzy.

Anyway, Easter rocked this year, unlike last year. One massive free-for-all it was. Queues round the block. Loads of us from all over. Earlsfield, Mile End. You name it:

Why? Because for some reason, yesterday, for one day only, everyone loved the pigeon. Everywhere we looked, there they were hanging to chuck us the free seed. Begging us to fly all over them.

We came piling in at all angles left right and centre:

Magic. Nice approach from Nick there, top left. Textbook.

Then this arm came out. Not quite so appealing:

Er, no thanks.

I think it was around about this point that Mart decided to see how long he could stand on a stick with his feet crossed:

Answer: Not very long.

Top day all round. Stuffed by the end of it. Probably another reason why today was a bit of a right off.

Tomorrow might be better. It’s going to be summer, apparently.

April 14, 2009. Uncategorized.

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