G20 Pigeons – Go Fly For Your Rights

Gonna flock it large any minute now. Off to join the main G20 fly-by. Exciting stuff. Met my lot this morning, or most of them anyway. Mart is wetting himself.

This is the big one. More pigeons than London has ever seen flying for their rights from St James’s Park, the main take-off point, all the way to The City. Over Westminster, along the Thames, up and over St Pauls and onto Liverpool Street station. Not sure what we’ll do when we get there. Just hang out a bit I guess.

So far, judging by this morning’s trip to a couple of the camps, the atmosphere amongst the flocks remains jubilant. I’d say, for some, perhaps even erring on the side of over-excitement.

Here’s one group, The Pigeon’s Front, arriving all the way from Bedford:

They have interests in several causes including the auctioning of pigeons, seed shortages and the distribution of powered water pistols at primary schools.

I spoke to a representative who said, “We are thrilled to see so many pigeons down here demonstrating for what they believe. Flying side by side regardless of where they’re from. It’s rare, and something we should do more often.” That was all I got as he was a little out of breath at the time.

Anyhow, best be off. Don’t want to miss the start. Will let you know how it goes. Oh, and watch out for us down below!

In the meantime, here are some genius posters made by Charles Pigeon who, when I asked him to chuck me a bit of a biog said: “Just let ’em know I’m a pigeon fan from Boston, Massachusetts, and that on the weekends I and my pigeon pals enjoy picking fights with geese along the Charles River near Harvard.”

Operation Stop The Squirrel here we come. Check ’em out:

‘The Under Animal’. Nice.


And my personal favourite:

Eddie will be made up.

Also well motivating for my Operation Stop The Squirrel pals. Even though carrying them as placards during the fly-by may be tricky, we’ll be distributing as many as we can carry as flyers.

Cheers for making them, Charles Pigeon. You rock!

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  1. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    I hear lots of human hippies will be camping in the City tonight. Bound to be plenty of animal lovers with lentils and seeds. Worth a trip down there later I should think. Enjoy!

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Not lovers of the pigeon it seems. Typical hippies.
      Your pal

  2. Roy replied:

    To hell with the squirells… you should be more concerned with the Pelicans…

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Roy: Jeez. I remember that. Nasty stuff. Complete accident though. Don’t think the poor dude ever got over it. Bringing up feathers for days he was.
      Your pal

  3. Mo replied:

    Caught up with the American group. Flags and white shoes made them stand out.

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Mo: Were they the ones singing the wholly inappropriate Hotel California?
    Your pal

  5. Annie Mole replied:

    Loving Charles biog “on the weekends I and my pigeon pals enjoy picking fights with geese along the Charles River near Harvard.”

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