Kung Fu Squirrel In Training

This week, I returned to the same spot in St James’s Park where I saw the walking squirrel – see this link, and found this guy. Not sure if it was the same one. Hard to tell, but it was clearly a squirrel fully immersed in some serious training programme.

Check these out. Be warned, you may find some of the images disturbing.

One minute, a perfectly innocent shiny-eyed puffy looking squirrel out enjoying a  peaceful nut in the sunshine:

The next, a testosterone fueled killing machine.

Take this:

And this:

And this:

Don’t tell me that’s not a kung fu move.

Charles Pigeon mentioned motivational posters to get Operation Stop The Squirrel off the ground. Great idea. How about using these as the pics?

Tag line: ‘Think you know the squirrel? Think again’.

or, simply:

‘Be afraid. Be very afraid’.

Anyone got anything better, let me know in the comments.

March 27, 2009. Operation Stop The Squirrel.


  1. Johnsonio replied:

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? And why do we think tigers and dragons are in hiding? Because they’re scared of the frigging squirrels!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Johnsonio: Who isn’t? Even the pelicans are keeping a low profile these days.
    Your pal

  3. RooooRooo replied:

    Hmm, looks more like epilepsy to me. Or maybe he’s just rolling on the floor because his mother denied it yet another nut (probably thinking it would be canibalism)?

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    RooooRooo: Perhaps… Maternal denial tho is a fair point and often the cause of kung fu tendencies!
    Your pal

  5. Squirrel P « Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] he’d seen my Operation Stop the Squirrel campaign a while back, and wanted to […]

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    […] campaign back in 2006 and the very necessary ‘Operation Stop The Squirrel’ in 2009 in reaction to their newly found love of martial arts – click on the link if you don’t b…. We rocked it large on that one including a massive protest fly by. Pigeons from all over came to […]

  7. Tina S (@TabbyTalker) replied:

    Oo believe me I know how deceptive those little buggers are. They act all innocent and cute, then they back stable you by stealing all your lovely beef steak tomatoes and feast on all your best and biggest peaches. They even terrorize my kitty and my doves. I tried every thing to make them feel unwelcome. Adding cyan pepper on to bird seed, spraying them with a hose, throwing snowballs and then using a long stick to show them who’s boss. They just keep on coming back feasting on what ever juicy fruit they can get their little filthy paws on and on occasion give you the middle finger. It was the last straw and I started to trap the little buggers and relocate them to nowhere. Luckily they’re pretty stupid and easy to catch with a bit of peanut butter on bread at the end of a humane cage.
    Problem solved.

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    […] around, or none worth hanging out with anyway. Certainly none that dug poetry or gave a shit about rising crime levels amongst the squirrel population. Most of them I’ve met have come here in search of the quiet life and seem to be quite […]

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