Pigeons Giving It Large In Miami

Rebecca sent me these.

Seems it’s not just Vancouver where the pigeons got it good, check out the muscle pigeons of Miami beach:

Talk about strutting your stuff.

Then there’s these two.

I know hot weather has the uncanny knack of, how shall I put it; ‘getting one going’, but really:

Get a ledge. Jesus.

Even got the gull looking the other way.

Tell you what though, that’s proper sunshine that is. None of this namby pamby warm one minute cold the next.

Bring it on.

Cheers for sending them, Rebecca. Great pics!

March 19, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Becci replied:

    Oh my goodness, I feel as if I should cover my eyes. Though to be fair, I saw a pair of pigeons mating on top of a pedestal in front of a ton of onlookers (human and pigeon) the other day. Couldn’t have been more shameless!

  2. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    What do they eat?

    • pigeonblog replied:

      A healthy diet of carb drinks and whelks, apparently.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Becci: Pedestals are good. Least it means they’re trying to keep it ‘under wraps’.
    Your pal

    Pigeon Rachel: Largely hamburgers I fear…
    Your pal

  4. Leslie replied:

    cheeky birds.

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