Sunny Days Are Here Again

Believe it or not, the sun came out this weekend, and for quite a long time in the end. On Saturday it was up there almost all day, and what with it being spring, Jesus, everyone was at it, apart from me. Suddenly Valentines Day seemed like a walk in the park.

Take this pair, for example. Strangely enough, despite the dude’s amorous large chested advances, she wasn’t having any of it.

Shame up:

Him: “Well hello there, pretty lady. Lovely weather for the time of year, don’t you think?”

Her: “No, not really”

Him: “I say, don’t go away. Come back… I just wondered if I might just…”

Her: “No thanks.”

Him: “Really, just a quick…”

Her: “You’re creeping me out. Go away.”

Him: “Just a quick… sniff…”

Her: “Look, will you please get your head out of my arse.”

And so it went on. Seeing as she didn’t fly off I guessed she was probably right up for it and was playing the old hard-to-get card. I wasn’t wrong. Came back an hour later, and it was a whole different story:

Her: “Go on, sniff my arse again. Go on…”

Him: “Do you think we might be able to move on from that soon?”

Her: “Go on, have a sniff. Sniff away…”

Typical. Always the way. Quite fancied having a crack myself till I saw that. Not pleasant.

February 23, 2009. Uncategorized.


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