Pigeons Dig The Snow

Today was one of those days you only get once in a lifetime. Literally. Just the once. Me, Mart and the Pall Mall Collective hanging out in the snow in some poncy square in Islington, mainly coz there was fuck all else to do. The whole of London was closed. Turns out rehearsals got canceled due to the fact a few key members couldn’t be arsed to fly over, and those that did were too shagged by the time they arrived to throw any serious mime shapes worth sharing.

Whole thing was a disaster on the mime front, but a right fucking laugh on every other:

Didn’t stop all day. Pissing ourselves. Will he fall? Won’t he? Is that a snowball? Hilarious. Sliding all over the place. Then, some dude called Alex, who’d made it up here all the way in from Surbiton, fair play, decides to try the upright landing manoeuvre, onto a snow covered branch. Wtf? Total mentalist.

Here he is coming in to land:

Here he comes… here he comes…

He’s landed. Phew.

Check out the three in front, clueless as to the debacle going on behind them. Thankfully, Alex managed not only to hit the spot, but to stay there without falling off, something we’d all failed to do at least once, if not twice. Should add tho that there was only the briefest look of relief in his eyes before he promptly threw up. Not surprised.

Anyway, I was meant to be there interviewing this dude:

The name’s Silent Sean. Never really says much, especially not today for some reason, which didn’t make for a particuarly easy interview at first. Looks like he’s been piling on the pounds of late too. Shame.

Silent Sean has been one of the Pall Mall Collective’s leading mime pigeons for years. He was there back in the day when there were only four of them.

“I remember doing a shape once. ‘Box’ we called it. Took it everywhere we did” Sean went on to describe the scene, “Me, what’s his name… Dan? Dell? Dave…? That was it. Dave. Dave from… Maidenhead. Top pigeon. Dave from Maidenhead. He was bottom right corner. Think I was bottom left, or was it the other way round…?”

Suddenly, silent Sean was silent no more and I instantly regretted asking him about the ‘good old days’. On and on he went for hours about what I can only describe as four pigeons standing around in the shape of a square. I knew the best way to shut him up was to stick in a mime request, so I asked him to show me a favourite shape of his, and this was it.

He calls it ‘I glance (at you)’:

I call it a load of old bollocks. Disappointing to say the least.

Anyway, bring on the snow. Cold aside, there’s nothing quite like sitting up in the trees and getting your pic taken by every fucker who walks past just coz what is actually a bunch of pigeons sat in a tree suddenly looks like a Norwegian Christmas card. Frankly, I had my photo taken so many times I was thinking of charging.

May go hunt down the Pall Mall Collective again tomorrow. The told me they’re working on something called ‘The Ice Queen Cometh’. Sounds interesting.

February 3, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Prodicus replied:

    Look like a quiet bunch, except for Sean once you pressed his Go button. Not like the lot I came across in a hedge yesterday. About six big buggers, incidentally all eating the leaves. WTF? Don’t they know they’re pigeons?. They were making a tremedous shamozzle, rattling and rustling and passing remarks at passers-by. Generally drawing attention to themselves, in a ha-ha-you-looked-but-we’re-in-this-hedge-so-you-can’t-get-us sort of way. Weird.

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Prodicus: Leaf eating is often done in moments of desperation. Frankly, their looks were probably more embarrassment than anything else…
    Your pal

  3. Happy Day After Christmas « Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] the madness of last week. Jesus. Thought the next ice age was kicking in, big time. However, unlike the last snow dump back in Feb, this time I’ll have to provide a news story link rather than pics. Frankly, I couldn’t […]

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