Brian Pigeon Messenger Bag On Sky Sports News!

Now this really does rock the big one. Keith, a pal of mine who can often be seen hanging out and about around Newmarket Racecourse, sent me a great story.

He was on his way to a cricket match in India.

His bag gets searched at the gate, which happens to be a Brian Pigeon messenger bag.

Sky Sports News film it, and then only go and show it in one of their reports!

Keith reckons that’s 151 million viewers worldwide will have seen a Brian Pigeon messenger bag get the search treatment. Kid you not. Pissed myself.

He sent me this to prove it:

Dec 22nd, 6.48pm: Brian Pigeon messenger bag – on the news. Around the time AC Milan said Bekham might get the boot from the UEFA cup – whatever the fuck that is: Brian Pigeon messenger bag – on the news. Wigan have only got 22 points: Brian Pigeon messenger bag – on the news.

Seeing as I can now say ‘As Seen On TV’ – if any of you fancy your very own Brian Pigeon messenger bag, it looks a bit like this. Part of what I call the ‘Warhol Collection’:

And you can get one here.

While you’re at it, if you want to view the full range of other fancy gifts on offer, go check out the Brian Pigeon merch page.

Cheers for sending the story, Keith! Nice one.

Btw – I wasn’t sure whether to ask, but did they find anything…?

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  1. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    oh my god!!! So famous! I feel proud to know you.

  2. Annie Mole replied:

    You are so famous now! Hope you didn’t leave any of your deposits in it though 😉

  3. Keith replied:

    Brian mate,

    they didn’t find a thing – the top secret plans to tackle the ‘Rook Problem’ were hidden in the cleverly-designed pocket inside my bag.

    PS I’ve currently got some suspicious-looking rooks under surveillance. I believe them to be members of the sinister and militant Newmarket-based RRG (Rancid Rook Group), who as we all know, have aims with squirrel-support, to take over Trafalgar Square. I report back as soon as it’s safe.

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Pigeon Rachel: Cheers! I’m waiting for the email requesting an interview. Nothing as yet.
    Your pal

    Annie Mole: Not that I can remember…
    Your pal

    Keith: Good move. Please do. Send pics if you can, particularly if you spot them attempting any sort of martial art…
    Your pal
    Bri P

  5. Pigeon Hits The News, Again « Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] Hits The News, Again No sooner do Sky cash in on the Pigeon, the BBC have to do it too. What is it with this whole Sky/BBC thing? Saying that, I’m not […]

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