Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak of the Weeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Yet again, it’s been a while, but just had to share this one. Jesus. Was looking around for shit about whether or not the pizza offers any nutritional benefit whatsoever, when I came across this. Can’t remember why as I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do pizza. In fact, looking at it, I’m not entirely certain it eats at all, ever. How the fuck could it with no fucking beak and a neck like a feathery pitta? Unless of course it extends it in a swan like fashion which, judging by the pissed look in the eye, I suspect it doesn’t:

And what the fuck is going on at the back? Put it away, you total and utter knob.

November 21, 2008. Freeeak of the Week.


  1. Charles Pigeon replied:

    Brian, are you entirely sure this is not actually a picture of a snake reclining against a Chinese fan in a taco shell?

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Charles Pigeon: Nice. Looking at it again, I’m wondering whether that isn’t the head of another pigeon altogether?
    Your pal

  3. RoooRoooo replied:

    Cheers for this one Brian, you know I adore those freaks!
    Can’t be the head of another pigeon, I’m afraid – it’s one – and only one, thank God — imagine what it would be were they others around…. — utter freak.

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    RoooRoooo: Do you mean a pigeon with two heads? Now you’re talkin’!
    Your pal

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