Chickens Got It Rough

Generally speaking, much as it may seem like I throw an anti-stance towards most other birdlife, and largely for good reason, I reckon chickens got it rough. Well rough, in fact. Not only do they face the daily prospect of contracting full on bird-flu, even when stir-fry bound, they’re forced to get naked and dance in shop windows. What the fuck? Totally out of order.

Spotted these guys down Chinatown who, frankly, look well hacked off with the whole affair:

Hardly surprising. Shame up way to go in any bird’s books. A complete loss of dignity all round. Thankfully, I don’t think pigeon’s gonna be a delicacy in China for quite some time. The minute it is though, fuck that, I’m off. No fucking way I’m dancing a naked merry dance for no fucking chef, no matter how good they say they are, particularly not in a shop window. Jesus.

October 12, 2008. Uncategorized.

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