Pigeons v Squirrels – Another War Rages

A nice and simple segue from parrots v pigeons – squirrels.

It has long been understood that the war between the squirrel and the pigeon is rife. Back in the 1970s there was a declaration between the two sides that stated quite clearly, provided squirrels stick to large parks and gardens, all is good in the world. Unfortunately, and particularly recently, the squirrels have got a little too big for their tiny cunty boots and have started invading the rooftops. Not good.

Thankfully, this has not gone unnoticed by the pigeon community, and some have even been spotted taking action…

This ace pic was sent to me by Jess. Cheers Jess! It clearly shows a pigeon giving it large to a squirrel. Taking no prisoners. Showing him who’s boss:

Ok – so it’s a Woodie, but who cares? The squirrel is clearly shitting himself in an urban landscape, and that’s what counts.

So, squirrels be warned – tread not on the turf of the town, for we pigeons shall have your balls for earrings.

Think on.

October 7, 2008. Operation Stop The Squirrel, Uncategorized.

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