Pigeons Got It Good In… Iran

Death threats aside, looks like the pigeon got it well good over in Iran. In fact, looks like pigeons got it well good everywhere, apart from here. Check this out – a brilliant post on Dark Roasted Blend all about pigeon towers around the world. Kid you not. Seems pigeon shit was quite the commodity back in the day. Something worth considering perhaps as we enter a period of serious global economic decline? Wouldn’t that be a thing? I can see the headlines now – ‘World Economy Saved By Meteoric Rise In The Value Of Pigeon Shit’ or, ‘Pigeon Shit – The New Oil?’ Food for thought.

In the meantime – here’s what they look like on the outside:

No wonder the fuckers look chuffed. It’s positively palatial.

Here’s the interior:

(photo credits – Jadid Online)

Singles or doubles available, apparently. All with en-suite. Nice.

Anyway, he goes on to list towers in Egypt, Russia, France and Italy. Some great pics too.

Here’s the offering from good old Blighty:

(photo credit – Matt Smith)

Typically in the middle of bum fuck nowhere, and therefore no use whatsoever. Guess it’s the thought that counts. Anyway – go check out the post. It rocks, and may inspire some of you out there, particularly anyone who manages large building sites, to spare a thought for the pigeon. If you happen to find yourself with some leftover bricks and a slate or two, how’s about popping up a wee pigeon tower? Nothing fancy, just somewhere warm and cosy for the local pigeon community?

Cheers for sending me the link, Ian!

Here’s somewhere else the pigeon got it good – New York. The mighty Annie Mole of Going Underground is there at the mo. She said I should get my arse over pronto. 24 hour food on tap, and looks like the sun shines too. Bring it on. That said, as per my previous post on the Big Apple, the availability of food 24/7  is not always a good thing…

Anyway, she took some great pics for me:

Either the pigeons over there are very small, or the statues are massive. Either way, were statues ever to take their revenge, this dude is clearly ominously close to being eaten alive.

Now I think this guy is actually really small…

Cheers for the pics, Annie! Nice one!

September 17, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    Wow, even just looking at all those sunny pics cheered me up!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Pigeon Rachel: Damn straight!
    Your pal

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