Off To The Mermaid Quay Harbour Festival. Nice.

Right. That’s it. I’m fucking off for a few days. Bank Holiday weekend and all that, not that Bank Holidays mean much to the pigeon… Nowhere sunny, somewhere probably just as rainy as London – Wales. Time to go hang with the Welsh pigeon community. Heading off over the M4 in the morning. First stop Cardiff, only reason being the Mermaid Quay Cardiff Harbour Festival. Welsh Dave went last year and reckons it offers a fine line in decent throwaway, and some of it is undercover which may result in dry bread bits rather than the soggy mess-ups we’ve been getting in London recently.

I looked it up, and this is listed as one of the highlights:

‘Listen to a great nautical, music line-up or enter the best dressed pirate’s competition.’

Mart wet his arse feathers about the pirate’s competition and is sourcing a hat as I type. I, however, am wondering what the fuck a ‘great nautical, musical line-up’ is? Unless I’m much mistaken, music sounds shit underwater and there are no water based creatures that I know of who have mastered the art of either the keyboard or the guitar, never mind been able to pen a decent song. Could be wrong though…

Anyway, thought I’d share this while I was at it. I was searching through my pic library when I found one taken the summer before last. The summer when there was one. The one where the sun shone for at least five consecutive days.

Bring it on:

Note the brown grass. No fucking sign of that this year.

It’s me beating Mart in a 2m sprint. Elliot in the foreground marking the finishing line. Clearly, I won, especially as Mart let his stomach get the better of him and stopped sharp at the crispy bread chunk. Done none of that this year. Not once. We’d even discussed holding a pigeon Olympics in honour of Beijing. All the pigeons over there are at it, apparently. But no, seeing as water based sport isn’t our strong point and the ground is way too muddy for a decent run-up, bollocks to it.

So, it’s off to Wales we go to listen to some fine ‘nautical’ toonz.

Happy holidays.

August 20, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Canaduck replied:

    Have a good time, Brian!

  2. James Whatley replied:

    When you get back, let’s go get hammered – old school Pigeon-styleeeeeeeeee.

    You want in?

  3. Pages tagged "mistaken" replied:

    […] bookmarks tagged mistaken Off To The Mermaid Quay Harbour Festival. Nice. saved by 9 others     hibiki2364 bookmarked on 08/20/08 | […]

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Canaduck: Just got back. Have to say, head a little worse for wears!
    Your pal
    Bri P

    James Whatley: Once the head recovers, you’re on. Will need to be somewhere pigeon friendly, obv…
    Your pal
    Bri P

  5. collegehookerboy replied:

    I’m assuming you are the pigeon to the right in the photograph. If so, you are one attractive little birdie. Got a nest we can hang out in?

  6. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    Hi Bri – I just got back from Corfu – my mate’s friend Mick the Bubble took us out there. Waaay too hot. We had to hang out at aqualand and take regular baths. Humans chuck food at you if you splash around a bit in their water pools. Anyway, I got back yestersday, and it must have been at least 27 here today you moany old fuck! Seriously, hope you had a chance to enjoy it; bet Regents Park would have been nice?
    All the best, Rachel

  7. pigeonblog replied:

    collegehookerboy: Not sure whether to laugh or cry…
    Your pal

    Pigeon Rachel: Sounds like you managed to get yourself a bit of the old sunny delight then. Set yourself up for winter. Oh, look, it is winter!
    Your pal

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