Chip Toss On The Square

Seeing as the weather’s gone to shit again and boredom is never a good look for the pigeon, we decided to get a game of Chip Toss going. Not done it for ages. Mart was right up for it seeing as it’s the only game he’s ever been any good at. So we got in touch with Brixton Dell and told him to bring some of his best boyz up. All a bit of a fucking disaster really. Turns out the Brixton posse had been out the night before giving it large in Kennington.

Here’s Brixton Dell trying to focus on the chip with Rod on the right staggering about all over the place totally oblivious to the whole thing.

Chip to your left Rod, you fuck wit:

Dell then decides to go mutter some tactics at him…:

…and Rod promptly throws up.

Elliot steps in and tries to get the game going with a genius pass:


Decided to call it a day shortly after this:

The chip lands at Peckham Mark’s feet. He just stands there staring at it, sniffs it, stuffs it in his beak, and eats it. Fuck’s sake. Pointless, and a lesson for next time. Chip Toss with a bunch of hungover pigeons is no fun whatsoever. Not even slightly.

August 12, 2008. Uncategorized.

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