Poor Housekeeping Sucks

It’s pigeons like this who give us lot a bad name.

You know how I mentioned how me and Mart cleaned up after ourselves the other morning – see post below – well here’s a pigeon who clearly has absolutely no fucking regard whatsoever for domestic hygiene:

I don’t get it. Why would anyone want to live on a pile of their own shit? There he is with a lovely colourful backdrop perched on a hard-to-come-by lamppost all carpeted in crusty turd.

It’s got to be a right turn off when he pulls.

“Welcome to chez moi. Make yourself at home. Sorry the place is a bit of a mess.”

Watch out as you pick your way through the excrement minefield more like. Saying that, judging by the size of him he probably doesn’t get them back to his that often, so maybe he’s just stopped caring?

All it takes is a bit of peck and wipe. Really not that hard. Lazy fuck.

May 8, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. London’s Worst Ledges « Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] whole event got me thinking tho… Why it is some pigeons are happy to spend their lives staggering around in their own shit? Personally,  I don’t get it. Ok, so I drop the odd one here and there. Who doesn’t? […]

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