Brian – 2, Ken – 0

Just pitched up for a spot of late night posting at ‘L’s, and found this in my inbox. Only a proper response from THE Brian Paddick – see post below.

The ‘Lib Dem’ only goes and replies with the personal touch. Back of the nest.

“Dear Brian

Thank you for this e-mail. I would want to see them humanely removed from the square, rather than withdrawing all feed. There must be another way.

Best Wishes,

Brian Paddick”

Nice. Like the sound of where he’s coming from too. Reckon ‘humane’ rocks as a concept, although not sure about being ‘removed’ from the Square, food or no food. Where would we go? Surely it would be back to square one? Anyways, he got back to me, and that’s what counts.

Nice one, Brian, and it’s not often I get to say that.

Oh – and while I’m at it, and before ‘L’ chucks me out – here’s what I got from Ken today:

“Dear Brian,

There are two days to go until the election, and I need your support to win.

Across the city, thousands of volunteers are delivering a million postcards to voters. They set out the stakes in this election: this is not a joke, it’s about serious issues that will decide the future of London…”

Blah blah fucking blah, and still no mention of the pigeon. Jesus.

April 29, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Alasdair replied:

    Hi Brian,

    Sounds like Ken’s spamming you … I’m sure there are DP issues in regard to that, did you for example provide his ‘team’ to use your e-mail for anything other than a response to your questions?

    I’d watch where the Lib Dem chap wants to relocate you and your feathered friends to though. The removal may be humane, but only if it ends in Barbados … remember what happened to the chickens!!



  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Yo Alasdair
    This may not be the right email for you any more, but cheers for the comment all those years ago. Just doing a look-see and found loads I’d never got back to that I really should have. Yours is definitely one of them.
    Cheers again
    Your pal,

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