Brian Pigeon’s Guide To London – More Of A Step Than A Ledge

Apologies for the slackness on the posting front. This is mainly due to the lack of available internet. Jesus. L’s never fucking there (Note: ‘L’ was the lady who used to let me use her computer during the time when I thought hanging out in Clerkenwell was fun).

Night after night I’ve rocked up to an empty pad. I was gonna suggest some kind of a Google diary share arrangement till I realised my days are pretty random and I find planning ahead a bit of a mare. Maybe I’ll move to one of the handy local ledges out the back of her place? Pretty hidden, well sheltered and plenty to choose from.

Anyway, talking ledges, I thought I’d pick up again on the ‘Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London’s Best Ledges’. Not done one for a while.

Okay, so this is more of a ledge than a step but, fuck me though, it’s a new step. One giant spanking new step (Note: Of course it’s probably not to new now). A step so shiny and new that no-one’s so much as shat on it, till now. When do you ever get to prance about on a new step in London? Not ever, but here’s Mike lording it about with freaky orange jacket lady clearly looking on in envy wishing she too could touch the stone:

No chance, love.

He also managed to land a large one just after I took this. Fair play.

The new steps I’m on about are the new steps at St Martin’s in The Fields church on Trafalgar Square.

April 23, 2008. Londons Best Ledges, Uncategorized.

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