Brief Update

Just in case you thought I’d gone all a bit silencio of late, thought I’d better explain what’s been occurring.

Got back from Brighton on Monday – more on that later. Safe to say Dan is still well and truly bonkers as a flapjack.

Anyway, far as I knew, ‘L’ would be back from Mexico and we’d be all back to normal on the posting front. So, I pitched up Monday pm. No ‘L’. Shit. Stood at the fucking window freezing my arse off for ages. Nada.

She finally rocks up last night looking like shit. Turns out she got stuck in Mexico coz her flight got cancelled. Mental. Anyway, she wants me out so she can get come kip. I told her not to mind me. She said she’s rather I came back later. Fair play.

So – Brighton update and the latest on desperate Dan is going to have to wait.

April 9, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Professional Housegirlfriend replied:

    Not only have you gone a bit ‘silencio’, you have gone a bit Espanol. All these little tidbits of Spanish cropping up here and there. You’re not considering leaving our shores are you? There are fewer pelicans here(more chinese takeaways though).

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Professional Housegirlfriend: Fair comment. Back now though. As for moving to Spanish shores, I wouldn’t mind the sunshine… Not a big fan of Sol though, and as for paella – what the fuck?
    Your pal

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