Next Week’s Potential Posting Issues

Ok – so no sooner do I manage to find myself a cozy set up on the posting front, ‘L’ tells me she’s fucking off the Mexico for a week. Jesus. Life is just one big hiccup at the moment.

What this means though is that next week may be a bit like flying to the Outer Hebrides when it comes to getting online. Wonder what Al’s up to these days? Al’s a dude in Slough who let me use his cyber caff for a while, back in the day.

Talking of Scottish shit – check this out. A few of you sent it to me. It’s a story that appeared on Popbitch:

“In Scotland, 58 year-old David Bachelor has been feeding the pigeons wearing only a thong. A back-to-front thong. The sheriff fined him £150 and blamed it on alcohol. Bachelor said it wasn’t a sexual thing, “I was just feeding the birds and if I was wanting to do that I would just go down town and get a whore”.

‘Wasn’t a sexual thing’? Yeah, right. Told you pigeon fancying was a well dodgy pastime for freaks. Any of you out there who are even slightly tempted to follow in David’s footsteps, at least make it a Brian Pigeon protest thong.

Looks like the weather’s on the turn too, which rocks.

Out and about earlier with Mart, and caught these grumpy fucks soaking it up in Hyde Park:

Think I heard one of them say they’d come up from Henley-on-Thames to watch the boat race. Weirdos.

Totally gave us the blank, till Mart decided he’d had enough and shat on one of them.

Fucking funny:

Got a spot on direct hit right in the middle of the forehead, and he only went and hit the deck. Pissed myself. Spluttering all over the place he was.

Now this is something I don’t get at all – it’s a sign I saw in Acton:

What the fuck?

Right – that’s it. ‘L’ is back in a week so you’re gonna have to bear me on the posting front. Sorry.

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  1. Suz. replied:

    YAY Brian P.! 🙂

  2. Annie Mole replied:

    Well if you manage to somehow speak to L in Mexico, it depends where she’s going. If she’s going to some Americanised place like Cancun, she’ll be on the internet every day. She may as well be in America.

    If she’s going to somewhere that vaguely resembles Mexico she may have a bit of a problem. I went in 1997 so didn’t use the net much at all then, certainly wouldn’t have used it on holiday, so can’t really say.

    I bet that Playa del Carmen which is a nice beachy part of Mexico not a million miles from Cancun (that’s if she’s going there) will have good net access by now.

    BTW – WTF – Violet Blue’s a bit out there isn’t she modelling that thong.

    Although this page & pictures on my blog about Animals on the Underground Underwear get a lot of err.. hits.

    The hipster knickers I bought from them were incredibly comfy but I didn’t have the balls to model them, so just put a picture up of them instead. Although even the picture seemed to evoke thoughts of me in my underwear which quite frankly is either a bit creepy or flattering.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Suz: Nice one.
    Your pal

    Annie Mole: Personally, I don’t give a shit if she’s got internet access over there. Course I wish her well on her travels, but the whole thing is a right pain in the arse, which I’m going to post about in a bit. Have to say too, if underwear was my thing, I’d rather be wearing the protest thong, mainly coz it looks a bit more roomy…
    Your pal

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