Is This The Start Of The Next Ice Age?

Jesus Christ. What the fucks going on with the weather? One minute it’s blowing a hurricane, the next it’s chucking down an arctic storm. Unbelievable, and no fun whatsoever for the pigeon. It’s so cold one of my toes got completely stuck to a lamp post. Then, when I finally managed to free myself, I get a snowflake in the eye. Decided to give up on the day and check out the nearest indoor venue using my favourite site – Derelict London.

Found this little beauty:


Can’t believe I hadn’t spotted it before. It’s just round the corner from where I live, and has the added bonus of the promise of alcohol.

Sadly, the boards were impenetrable and I had to give up. Damn shame. Could have been the perfect way to spend a chilly Saturday. A moment’s nuzzle in the carpet and I would have been off my nut. Oh well.

After flying about in the freezing fucking cold for ages on the hunt for Mart, I eventually found him trying to warm his arse on a burger box:

He’d been there for ages rubbing himself all over it. I told him that a discarded box meant the hot steamy burger interior had already been consumed and, as a consequence, the box was only ever going to get colder.

He thought that the burgers prepared themselves inside the boxes, and the fact it was shut meant one was in there right now cooking away. Easy mistake I guess, if you’re fucking stupid.

We spent the rest of the day ledgbound debating whether this was indeed the start of the next ice age… We also discussed whether we should launch a range of small portable heaters? Something that could be strapped to the back to provide instant all over body warmth? Or how about the furry hot water bottle hat? Call it the ‘Hottie Hat’?

“Make cold heads a thing of the past with the Hottie Hat. For the pigeon-about-town, the Hottie Hat will travel with you wherever you go. Attached using an easy to tie chin strap and available in black, blue and pink for the ladies. Keep it warm night and day with a Hottie Hat.”

Reckon it’s a winner.

March 23, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Annie Mole replied:

    😆 Mart really *is* stupid isn’t he?

    I reckon you should try the parrots again. As I bet Mart was wrong about a monkey running the joint now – I mean you’ve just proved how stupid he is so chances are he just misheard. Although why wouldn’t monkeys want you pigeons hanging around.

    Speaking of Hotties on the Tube – I hope you’ve taken part in that survey to find out which Tube Line has the hottest commuters on it. It’s all gone a bit quiet since bank holiday and I reckon they’d love to have some pigeon thoughts too, specially as you guys spend so much time on it. My money is on the Northern Line coming in as a surprise outsider (but keep that under your feathers)

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Annie Mole: Will get onto it today. I agree too – Mart’s word on the Camden scene should not to be taken too seriously!
    Your pal

  3. A Pack of Prisoner Pigeons replied:

    Just wanted to tell Mart not to give up on the monkeys yet, some of them are really rather cuddly:

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    A Pack of Prisoner Pigeons: Fair play, unless of course he is in fact holding a knife to the dude’s chest with the other paw whilst whispering under his breath – “One move and your dead, buddy”… Check it out again, and think on.
    Your pal
    Bri P

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