Update On Tragic Dan

Ok – it looks like Dan’s been spotted in Brighton. Unfortunately, the Dan in the post below is the wrong Dan. The Dan we’re after is Dan from Mile End. The Dan in the picture is Dan from Kennington. Dan from Kennington – apologies for the mix-up and for any unecessary concern it may have caused.
Looks like this is the right Dan though. I haven’t had the chance to proper ID him yet, but seeing as he twitched when he heard his name, I reckon it’s got to be him. Fucking tragic. Seems the whole event has left him with a massive dose of post traumatic stress.

This was him yesterday:

Apparently he was stood like that for hours just staring at his own reflection saying something that sounded a little bit like, “Help me”.

Then he was there again today doing the exact same thing whilst rocking from side to side:

Clearly a pigeon on the edge.

Poor fuck.

March 15, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. John Mac replied:

    awwww *hug*

  2. gripping jim replied:

    tragic dan was killed by lofty john in a cyber orgy when he suffacated under the pressures of a greek styled cyber orgy

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