Pigeons Survive London Storms, But Only Just

It all went mental in London yesterday, weather wise. Massive winds and pissing it down all day.

Those of us who rememberd the battering of last year stayed ledgebound.

Those that didn’t, paid the price.

“I didn’t know what was happening, till I hit the deck.”

In need of a more sheltered ledge, Geoff decided to chance it and attempt the short fly from Mare Street to Upper Street. “It should only have been about five minutes, tops”, said Geoff. However, he soon found himself out control and unable to stop as a strong gust carried him all the way to Whitehall where he had to crash land in a small park on Victoria Street. “I didn’t know what was happening, till I hit the deck. One minute I was coasting over Upper Street, the next I was heading towards the West End at high speed. I couldn’t stop. I called for help, but there was no-one around.” It seems Geoff isn’t the only one. There are stories of some being blown as far south as Clapham. Scary shit. “At least I stayed north of the river!” Thankfully, Geoff was able to see the funny side and plans to head back home tomorrow having spent today sheltering under a Rymans bag.

I’ll be catching up with more stories of storm survival tomorrow. In the meantime, for fucks sake, stay put.

March 12, 2008. Uncategorized.

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