The Ring Of Sharing – Canada Style (And John Hurt Spotted In Hyde Park)

Here’s a another fine example of The Ring of Sharing – see post, although, for all the same reasons we stopped calling it that, they now refer to it simply as ‘A Seed Scrum’. Nice.

Not sure the one in the middle entirely gets the concept? Overall, I’d say the whole affair looks far more civilsed than the London version.

Cheers for sending it, Suz!

Also – check this out – hanging out in Hyde Park yesterday, and you’ll never guess who nearly stepped on my head… John Hurt! Fuck me. John Hurt – in Hyde Park! THE John Hurt, nominated for an Oscar for his admirable portrayal of the mentalist freak-boy, John Merrick, out in the open blatantly striding across Hyde Park.

Managed to snap this:

Unfortunately, I only got his legs.

Sure I saw him give me the knowing nod as he went past though…

Made my day.

February 29, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Suz replied:

    Hey Brian, is John Hurt related with pigeons like with elephant man? 🙂 You are welcome for the ring of sharing, my pigeons still do it every morning in our hyde park. Tigeon Pigeon Dodu says again Hi!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Suz: Probably! Say a big hi to Tigeon. Where is your ‘Hyde Park’? Is it as big and full of squirrels as ours?
    Your pal
    Bri P

  3. Suz. replied:

    No, our “Hyde Park” is a little place between highways and I don’t see squirrels very often. In fact it is a park where I hide to feed the ferals ;D

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