Mary Sinks Deeper…

Seeing as my feelings for Mary still run deep, and following the distressing revelations of last week – see this post – I decided to see if I could find her.

Sadly, I did.

The drug taking is starting to take its shocking tole and she appears to have developed severe black markings all over her lovely white body. Such a shame.

She’s even started curbstoning, and blatantly selling her wares to unsuspecting passers by.

Here she is chasing one of them who was quietly going about his business:

Mary: Come on, Love. You know you want it.

Unsuspecting passer by: No. Thank you. Really.

Mary: You know you do. Half price if you’re quick. Call it a morning special.

Unsuspecting passer by: Look, will you please leave me alone. I’m happily married and live in Chiswick.

Mary: So? Never stopped anyone before. Why do you think I work it in W4? Go on. Sink your hot love beak into my feathery softness.

Unsuspecting passer by: Will you please just go away. You’re starting to make me feel a bit sick.

Jesus. Tragic. Think she may have spotted me too.

Took this one a bit later. Here she is curbstoning, and being approached by some potential custom:

Nearly offered myself up out of pity, but didn’t want to catch anything. You never know these days. VD is rife amongst pigeons on the game, apparently. A mate of mine caught crabs once too, which is a nightmare if you’re a pigeon, and totally visible to the naked eye.

February 27, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    The crabs wouldn’t be easy to see on her now, Bri, with those dirty looking markings all over, she could be crawling with them!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Pigeon Rachel: The sad thing is, I reckon I saw one jumping…
    Your pal

  3. pigeon art « man about the house replied:

    […] and instantly thought of Bri over on Pigeonblog, I can’t help thinking that it would cheer Mary up no end, it’s hardly going to resolve her woes, but you know, hell, it can’t do any […]

  4. Alasdair replied:

    Sorry that pigback was me, but then WordPress destroyed the post having previewed it properly … in the end I just deleted the thing and left a comment in the “about me: …” bit.

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