Pigeons Giving It Large In A FedEx Ad

Check this out – a top new ad for FedEx starring a load of pigeon pals giving it large.

Click here or on the pic to watch it.

It fucking rocks.

Great news too for all those yanky out of work pigeon extras. Not much around these days, what with CGI being what it is. Then, out of the blue, an ad comes up starring nothing but pigeons.

Had to do all their own stunts, apparently.

Also, not sure if any of you recognised him, but remember Ragnheufleiderdom?

Here he is playing ‘Undercover Jack’:

And here he is again, this time playing ‘Big Bill’:

A true pigeon chameleon.

Amazing stunt too. Clearly not a real car, but impressive nonetheless.

Tell you what – next time there’s a casting going on for an ad like this – I’m gonna be first in line. Love to get on the big screen one day – also love to know where they got all the little people from…

Cheers for the link, Anne!

February 19, 2008. Uncategorized.

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