Brian Pigeon’s Guide To London: Not Really A Ledge, But A Lovely Pigeon Retreat Nonetheless

Sorry for not posting – RSI got the better of me – see post below – so I slipped off for a couple of day’s to a Pigeon retreat in the country.

This is it:

Lovely it was. Surrounded by palm trees. Just chilled out really. Did some thinking. Well, frankly, did lots of thinking – fuck all else to do. Think and eat and fly around a bit. Fly around a bit, then eat, then think a bit more. Feel lots better for it tho and getting back in the swing of London ready for Christmas. Mart is wetting his feathers about it all. Best bit about Christmas in London is it’s top throwaway season.

Here’s Simon tucking into a bit of Christmas pud no less.

All a bit much in the end and he chucked up shortly after.

So – this got me thinking – Brian Pigeon’s Guide To London – not done that for a while, so how about I shift focus from ledges to food? London’s Best Throwaways?

“Any pigeons out there thinking of visiting London – check out Pigeon Blog for the best free eats in town. Most romantic, best for all the family, lowest carbs, best Indian, best Chinese…” What do you think?

December 21, 2007. Brian Pigeon's Guide to London.

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