Rainy Saturday

Nothing much doing this week, or this weekend come to that. Was gonna head down The Square to check out the Christmas Tree – always a seasonal favourite of the pigeon – first one to shit on the star. Can’t be arsed though with the weather like it is – and they reckon it’s only going to get worse. So, I’ve decided to declare myself ledgbound. It’s warm-ish, and dry, and just round the corner from my office, which, RSI pending – see post below, means I can piss around on the internet all day if I so desire. Rock on.

Thought I’d start off with a couple of games and found this one on the BBC website. It’s called the ‘casualty challenge nurse game’ and is linked to a TV show the BBC makes called ‘Holby City‘. Holby City is all about ill people who are in hospital having fallen off ladders or electrocuted themselves after changing a light bulb whilst standing in a bowl of water. Anyway – always a fan of giving a game a go – providing it’s relatively gentle on the beak to toe manoeuvres – can’t be doing with the fast reaction stuff – I thought I’d have a bash.

First off, some animated bloke tells you what to do, and then you get to be nurse. All you have to do then is put pictures into boxes in the same order he’s just told you. Tricky decisions are required like: Do you get the bandage from the bandage cupboard before putting it on? Do you stuff the patient full of pills, or ask him how he’s feeling first? Do you take a blood sample before or after sticking the needle in his arm? So – the bottom line is – unless you are completely stupid, or a goldfish, this game is a total and utter piece of piss. Disturbingly, however, I still managed to get one wrong, but I swear it was just because I pressed the wrong button in error.

The nice thing is they send you a certificate if you do well.

Here’s mine. I passed:

I can’t quite believe that’s all it takes to become a nurse tho… scary stuff. No-one even asked me if I was a pigeon, so guess they’re not that fussed… maybe coz the pay’s so shit they can’t be that choosy these days? So – now I’m qualified, apparently, anyone out there know where Holby is?

If you want to qualify as a nurse and go work at Holby – click here.

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