Sparrows Espagnol

Wicked. Got the new cam sorted. Out and about with Mart over the weekend – nothing worth sticking up just yet. Need to get to grips with the mega zoom, and stop taking pics like this:

Mart reckoned it was ‘art’. I reckon he was pissed.

Got an email from a couple of Spanish sparrow pals tho. Looks like the lovely Maria is spreading the word – see post below.

Then Mart remembered I had a pic to go with the email:

We called them Dick and Bob – real names were too long and well Spanish. That’s Dick on the left, looking at his dick. He did that all the time – which was why we called him ‘Dick’. He didn’t know that of course and just thought it was because it was short for Richard.

Me and Mart hung out with Dick and Bob quite alot. Right laugh. Turns out the real reason there are no sparrows left in the UK is they’ve all gone to Spain. The whole lot of them are giving it large on the Costas. Dick and Bob weren’t keen and said they were “takings these sexy chick sparrows Espangnol and making the jiggy”. Think they meant they were nicking their shags. Not good. Gives all us British birdlife a bad name. Know what I mean?

Said they didn’t mind the odd London pigeon, but the sparrows were “shouty alot and eats all the chips”.

Anyway – they mailed me to say ‘Hi’ and to tell me that the “beach still rocks the big Juan”. They meant ‘the big one’. I taught them that.

October 30, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Suz. replied:

    Oh My! What’s that Dick and Bob… never heard about them before. Very strange friends for two respected London pigeons!

    Puzzled Tigeon 😉

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Saint Suz: Totally with you on that one. Just not that many pigeons on the beach I guess!
    Your pal
    Bri P

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