Getting Back Into London

London so rocks in the sunshine – shame it didn’t happen when it was summer. Spent the last few days catching up with pals and waiting for the new cam to arrive. Dougie’s bringing it up from Hove. Says he can’t be arsed till the weekend so guess that’s that. Mart’s been finding it hard being back in London. Says he misses the Sangria – think he may have a problem…

I’ve been thinking about Maria alot – see post below. She sent me an email at the weekend. This is what it said:

“To Sexy London Bri (I taught her that – she learnt well)

I is miss you much (nice).

The feather you brings me I take always places (I gave her a feather from my arse to remind her of me. Looks like it did the trick).

To you kisses and leg-ups, Maria.” (Pretty sure she meant leg-overs. I taught her that too)

Well cute and made me miss her even more – especially the leg-overs! Trying to get her to come to London but she hates the ferry. Makes her puke. Shame.

Anyway, a pal called Pigeon Rachel sent me this. Cheers, Pigeon Rachel!

It’s her and her sister hanging out in Trafalgar Square. That’s her sis bottom left letting one rip, apparently. Bring it on! Pigeon Rachel – let me know when you’re heading back to The Square – love to hang out. Bring your sister too!

October 23, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Snowflake replied:

    How long do pigeons live for? It’s only that that picture appears to have been taken circa 1973. Pigeon Rachel may look somewhat different now…

  2. Patricia replied:

    Dear Brian,

    Pigeons are on “The Nature of Britain” just now (Wednesday 9 pm) as “rock doves”.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Sbowflake: Probably bald… maybe inviting her down to London was a mistake?
    Your pal
    Bri P

    Patricia: Rock Doves is just the posh name for pigeons. Some of my London pals call themselves ‘rock doves’. However, they are mainly twats and live in Kensington!
    Your pal Bri P

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