A Pigeon Lost in Douglas

“Heard this one, Kev – some dude called Mike…?”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah – Jesus – check the arse on that… anyway – this dude, Mike.”


“Flew all the way to the Isle of Man to check his mate Douglas.”

“Oh yeah…”

“Yeah – he only goes and lands in a house IN Douglas. Didn’t get to see THE Douglas. Just some house in a place CALLED ‘Douglas’! Twat! So they sent him back to Ireland, and he only comes back – like straight away! Fast as you like!”

“Why’d he wanna do that then?”

“Well… turns out his mate Douglas runs some kinda pigeon hooker house. Loads of top birds. All of ’em right up for it, apparently. Anyway – so they go and send Mike home – in a car! Mike gets stuffed in a car and sent packing! Didn’t even get a shag! Can you believe it, Kev? All that way and not even a sniff! Poor bastard! Kev… Kev…?”

“Yahoooo! Bring it on! Isle of Man – here… I… come…!”

September 3, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Sigg3 replied:

    Absolutely excellent! 🙂

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Sigg3: As was the Isle of Man, apparently.
    Your pal

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