Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Rooftop Ledge

Not quite the shelter of a window ledge, but often with great views, there’s always the rooftop ledge.

Best just for a stop off rather than an overnight due to the high winds. Getting blown off during a bit of shuteye is not only embarrassing, it can be quite confusing.

Here are a couple of examples of London’s rooftop ledges available in Camden.

This one is on Pratt Street:

The ‘standard flat’.

The best thing about rooftops in Camden is they’re close to Camden Market. If you want a decent throwaway or fancy shitting on some goths, Camden Market on a Saturday and Sunday is the place to go.

Here’s another ‘standard flat’ in Camden:

This one’s near Georgiana Street.

The big advantage of Camden is there are lots of council houses and therefore lots of ‘standard flat’ rooftops. The trouble is though, what you gain on the flat roof you loose on the window ledge.

London’s all about compromise, especially for a pigeon.

June 29, 2007. Brian Pigeon's Guide to London, Londons Best Ledges, Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Anika replied:

    Pigeons have a great perspective of life. However much a nuisance, it is a great way to think about London, from a bird’s point of view. An interesting article.

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