Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – London’s Best Ledges

Getting going on a Pigeon’s Guide to London. By a pigeon for the pigeons. Everything a pigeon needs to know when visiting London. Thought I’d start with something simple. London’s Best Ledges.

A pigeon likes nothing better than to chill and enjoy a great view. Okay, so we get views when we fly but because the focus is on the flying, we generally miss out on the enjoying it bit.

So, to kick off, here’s one on Pottery Lane in London’s fashionable Notting Hill.

This is Phil enjoying a bit of peace and quiet:

Looks like Phil may have been there a while…

There are two good things about this particular ledge. First off, it’s right near Holland Park. A lovely spot and with great throwaway potential to be found on Portobello Road.

Secondly, it’s a boarded up window. Boarded up windows are great. You can chill at your leisure with little risk of being disturbed, apart from possibly by another pigeon.

One word of warning. It’s worth checking out your selected ledge before dragging the family down there. Properties are moving fast in London these days and what looked great from the air a few months back may have already been turned into a selection of wank apartments with no ledges whatsoever and 24/7 hawk patrol.

June 24, 2007. Brian Pigeon's Guide to London, Londons Best Ledges.


  1. Blag Lady replied:

    Hello Brian, you might like my series on Grim Windows. They don’t all have ledges though. I’ve only just started that one and will look out for ledges. You may be more interested in the luxury bird bath/leisure centre pictured here: There is of course a bar for the more dissolute pigeon to get absolutely bladdered at. Yours, Blag Lady

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Blag Lady: Cheers for the link and look forward to the ledges – esp if they come complete with pigeon! A decent ledge is hard to come these days, unlike decent places to get bladdered. Just give us a couple of spinnies and we’re well away. Bet the pigeons in Glastonbury are off their tits – every last one of em!
    Your pal, Bri Pigeon

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