Bavarian Beer – Never Again

Me and Mart got back from Bavaria yesterday – see post below. Totally fucked. Two days getting there, two days on the piss with Franz and the boys, two days feeling shit trying to get back. Jesus. The ferry was hell. Puked everywhere. Felt like a mental case we drank so much.

One day it got so bad we couldn’t fly anymore.

Staggering all over the place in the middle of bumfuck nowehere:


Then I walked full on head first into this:

What the fuck kind of plant is that, and what’s it doing in the middle of a field? Nearly took my eyes out. Mart pissed himself. I didn’t, not even slightly.

Decided I hate the countryside, and Bavaria.

The odd sip of a spinnie is cool – knocking back the wheatbeer all day is not.

Anyway – back now and feeling loads better – esp when I heard about some racing pigeon dude called Bradley who dropped out of a race after only a couple of hours in the air. Couldn’t be arsed, so he spent a week in a holiday camp and got a taxi home. Dude!

Read the story here.


June 3, 2007. Uncategorized.

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