The Giant Pigeons – Of Bavaria!

Just realised – never did update you on the Somerset trip – see post below.

Fucking funny. Me, Mart & Frank got there – only turns out the massive pigeons taking over the castle are just a bunch of fat German dudes on holiday! Right laugh they were. All the way from Bavaria. Reason they’re so big is they live near a factory that makes Weizenbock – so they just sit and drink beer all day. Lucky bastards.
Got chatting to one of them, named Franz. This is Franz:

I asked him why they’d want to come to some boring as shit castle in rainy Blighty when there’s beer on tap back at home? He said they were starting to loose it over there, big time. It’s strong beer – runs upto 10%. Jesus!

He reckons it’s the wheat in it that turned him brown. I think that might be bullshit though.

Anyway, since they got there, they’ve been on some mad fitness regime – three times round the castle every morning:

Me and Mart gave it a go. Made it round once. Fuck that. Nearly died.

Anyway, we all got on so well they ended up inviting us out to Bavaria for a traditional German beer drinking fest! Bring it on.

Judging on the poor show legging it round the castle, we’re probably gonna catch the ferry. Not sure we’d make it across the channel…

So – we’re off to get bladdered in Bavaria!

Back in a few days – hopefully!

May 28, 2007. Uncategorized.

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