Olden Day Pigeon Lovers

Turns out, in the olden days, everyone loved the pigeon. Totally. Big time.

Check these two out:

Apparently pigeons got invited round for tea and chilled out by the fire when it was cold. People gave up their seats for them on busses, opened doors for them in coffee shops, and even tipped their hats and said ‘Good Morning’ when they passed them in the street.

What went wrong?

Anyway – me, Mart and Frank are heading out for a few days. Heard something about some giant pigeons that have taken over a castle in Somerset.

Got sent this:

Scary shit. Note the bloke doing a runner in the background. Mental.

Back in a few days.

May 18, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Pete replied:

    Fuck me, those lads look big. Hope everything turned out alright. We had a gang of lads that big hanging around up Nottingham Castle way, so we tended to stay away from the place…..which was a pain in the arse cos it meant havin to go a bit further out for grub. Fucking steroid users, man. Tell you summat else though, never mind the size of these boys, have you seen the size of rats these days? Gordon Bennett!! Got into a bit of tasty business with one of the bastards over a slice of pepperoni and extra cheese. The fucker was NOT going to give it up. I let him have it in the end, he was the size of a fucking cat, I shit you not. Oops gotta fly, there’s some twat from the council going round tagging some of our lads up with those shitty bracelets and i think i’ve just copped one. Keep up the blog son.

  2. Pete replied:

    P.S I’ve got a contact in the Netherlands that could supply you with some pigeon porn for your blog if your interested….all good breasty birds, know what I mean?

  3. Luke replied:

    Where did the first picture come from?? I need a huge print to place over my fireplace!

  4. Becci replied:

    Great pictures. I especially like that first one. In fact, I have a couple of pics saved on my harddrive that you might like–I’ll send them to you!

  5. güvercin replied:

    Thanks for the post.

  6. Pidge replied:

    Ah, nothing like seeing some blue bars, a red bar, and a coupla checkers all caught walking different directions and in mid-stride…Benign giants.

  7. Jayne Gaskin replied:

    Hi Brian, I guess you must be one of the oldest piggies in London. I recognised you immediately – sitting on top of that gentlemans hat.
    Top of the morning to you Brian!!!
    Those were the days when everyone was so well mannered and it was no trouble to offer a piggie their last Rolo!!!!

  8. pigeonblog replied:

    First off – sorry people for moderating your comments while I’ve been away. Knew it would happen though – cam back today – logged on – spammed to fuck! Bastards! Nightmare. Mainly links to sites seling Viagra – which, clearly, I don’t need – not yet anyway!

    Pete: I heard the Nottingham boyz were full on – never mind giving them steroids. Jesus. You poor fuck. Seriously hope you didn’t cop a bracelet – if you did, hope they didn’t lump you one with studs on. They really suck. Talking rats – you should check them out down here. Mentalists. Totally. Even the dogs don’t take them on, especially after Max the Corgi lost his head to one. Bring on the dutch pigeon porn – tell your pal to get in touch – maybe a spot of hot pigeon on pigeon action?
    Your pal Bri P

    Luke: It rocks, doesn’t it? ‘Pigeons Through The Ages’ – a series of studies of the pigeon in society – I can see it now! Maybe get enough together for a spot at the V&A…? Have to be open air though – so I can get some mates along! Pete – what do you reckon?
    Your pal Brian P

  9. pigeonblog replied:

    Becci: Cheers for the pics! Gonna post ’em – great start to my ‘Pigeons Through The Ages’!
    Your pal Bri

    Pidge: Benign giants indeed – even scarier in the feathers – but that’s another story!
    Your pal
    Bri P

    Jayne Gaskin: Ah – yes – the last Rolo… We’re lucky if we get a sniff of the wrapper these days. I even heard people regularly offered pigeons a bite of their Curly Whirly too… sigh…
    Your pal Brian P

  10. Sheila replied:

    sooo….where does that first pic comes from it’s great! I love to photograph pigeon feeders!

  11. pigeonblog replied:

    Sheila: Some dude sent it to me. It rocks, don’t it?
    Your pal

  12. virendra replied:

    please visit http://livestre.am/BAS5 to watch pigeon egg hatching live! Thnks and Regards, Virendra.

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