‘Flying Pigeon’ – Chinese At It Again

Someone got here by Googling up ‘flying pigeon’, so I gave it a go…

I tell you – the Chinese have got one serious pigeon issue.

First off, they’ve never given the pigeon a year, not ever – then they chop the head off some poor fuck, and turn it into a robot – then they just give a straight ‘NO’ to all things pigeon.

Now it turns out they’ve got some company out there making really shit and embarassing bikes, like this one:

…or how about this one:

Under the name: ‘Tianjin Flying Pigeon Bicycle Co. Ltd.

The fucking flying pigeon bike company. Kid you not. I’m outraged!

May 14, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Pete replied:

    This is fucking scandalous. As a pigeon myself, I’m bloody outraged! Not being very well informed, is’nt there some sort of International Court of Pigeon Rights that we could refer this to? Cos i’m not havin this, its a step too fucking far. Bugger it though, there’s a good chinky down the road from me and its always good for a night out on the bins – so tonight i’m going out to fill up on sweet n sour and then i’m gonna let the fuckers have it back when they’re on their way out from shutting up shop……the fuckers. Flying fucking pigeon bike company, indeed…..fucking outrageous!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Pete: Good to hear from you! At last – a pigeon after me own heart! That’s the rub though – Chinky throwaway does rock – when it’s good. When it’s bad – or just been out on the street a bit too long – don’t go there. Jesus. Did it once – shat for a week. A Court for Pigeon Rights is the way to go though. Doesn’t exist, yet. Thinking some kind of place for pigeons to go with their concerns and issues could be part of my campaign for London Mayor next year? Gonna blow Ken out of the skies and have him kissing my feathery butt for eternity. Tahat’s the plan anyway. Maybe get the Chinese back at the same time? Force them to open takeaways, but for pigeons? What do you reeckon?
    Your pal
    Brian P

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