Pigeon TV – Complete With Fez

Cheers to Fritz for telling me about this on Boing Boing.

A pigeon who got his own TV channel.

See it, LIVE and realtime, hanging out on some dude’s kitchen window. Check it out.

But that’s not all – even better – you can also see it here – with a dynamically added fez!

How fucking cool is that!

Here’s a taster clip of pigeon with fez!

Cheers Fritz and Boing Boing.

May 13, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Fritz replied:

    All I am getting is a blank screen? What are they on a piss break or something…

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Fritz: Weird… probably! Either that or in make-up?!
    Your pal

  3. RoooRoooo replied:

    Blank screen too… it could be, that the poor bloke is putting on make-up in the loo, couldn’t it?

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    RoooRoooo: Tbh, I think he may have got narked with the whole fame thing and fucked off. I can’t find him now either. Clearly a fez too far!
    Your pal Bri O

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