Some Ducks Suck

Me and Mart went down to the river the other day. Fancied a bit of a chill.

Came across a right twat doing some kind of duck yoga shit:


Then he gets down, looking all pensive:

So Mart goes: “Oi, mate – your arse stinks!”

The duck only goes and checks it!:

Pissed myself.

Duck: “I think you’ll find it does not.”

Mart: “Yes it does, mate, stinks like shit…”

So he checks it again:

I’m on the floor.

Mart: “Really, pal – stinks – have a good sniff – smell it a mile off…”

Clearly starting to panic, he gets his head right in there:

Duck (muffled): “Shit – yeah – does a bit… damn…”

Totally lost it.

May 5, 2007. Uncategorized.

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