Lunch With Larry

Sometimes, when the weather’s nice, me and Mart go for lunch with Larry.

Larry’s a Llama who lives in London Zoo.

Larry’s claim to fame was in 2001 he got featured on the front cover of ‘Learning Perl – The Third Edition’:

Hilarious seeing as Larry’s never even sniffed a hard drive, never mind got down to mastering Perl. Right upped his cred when it happened tho.

Anyway, this is Larry with Doug and Frank doing their ‘Check me out I’m a Llama’ dance – fucking funny. Larry – not amused!

And this is me telling Larry my Llama joke:

Me: “Ere, Lazza – why did the Llama cross the road?”

Larry: “No idea Bri, why did the Llama cross the road?”

Me: “Coz it was the chicken’s day off!”

Larry thinks for a while…

Then he just goes: “Fucking Chickens.”

Pissed myself.

Then we had lunch:

I know it looks like we’re tucking into a load of Llama shit – but we’re not. There’s seeds and stuff in there too. Honest.

March 31, 2007. Uncategorized.

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