Christmas Fun & Games

Top full on pigeon Xmas in Greenwich. Shit loads of us. Turns out all the dudes who did a runner from the Kingston culler set up a temporary refugee camp down there. Decided to get away from the low flying planes in Isleworth. Escaped the pot-shotting nutter only to be faced with the main approach to Heathrow. Jesus.

Last week, when the fog was bad and there were no planes, they loved it so much they decided to do a runner – again. Don’t blame ’em. Rough year tho.

Bumped into my cousin, Simon from Southend – he split up from Sharon. Poor fuck. Gutted.

Even Doug made it down there. The only one of us giving it large with the carols.

This is him doing ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear

Bit of a shit pic – Mart took it. No surprises there.

Stuffed our beaks on mince throwaway – no pie bit left by the time we got to it. Damn shame.

After dinner we started on the party games.

The sun came out for about five minutes. Enough time for Ed to get into a real fave of the pigeons: ‘Shadow Racing’.

Go Ed, go…

Doing well…

“Shit – where d’it go?”


Pissed myself. Good times.

December 26, 2006. Uncategorized.

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