Top Adventure In Amsterdam

Sorry for the lack of weekend posts – just got back from the best mini break – doing it large in Amsterdam. Got chatting to Jurgen – a dutch pigeon who rocked up in Soho last week – he reckoned Amsterdam’s the place to hang – loads of birds gagging for it, free grub pretty much whenever, and, when you’re lucky, weird dried up bits of grass that make your eyes go funny. Cool.

So – got up at the crack of arse on Friday and winged it down to Harwich – fucking long way – got a ferry to ‘The Hook of Holland’. Hung out with a couple of seagulls for a while, till I got bored. Decided to stay on the boat all the way just in case ‘The Hook’ was some kinda anti-pigeon device – can’t be too careful these days. It wasn’t. It was just a place.

Did some research before I left – found a top site – Dutch Pigeon Stars. Think that might be Smurgen De Wonder Duif on the homepage? Not sure though. Don’t remember his neck being that big…

Anyway – hit the dock and winged it straight to The Dam – another long one! Thank fuck for multimap – would’ve been stuffed without it. Literally, probably.

Amsterdam really is a very cool place. Loads of canals. Everyone’s really chilled and loves the pigeon. In fact, they love them so much they get them to operate the locks, apparently. Fucking cool.

Got chatting to this crowd:

That’s Lurgen on the right – keeping watch.

And this is Nurgen taking five in between rotations:

One serious dude. I wanted to give it a go but I’d just found a bit of that grass stuff and couldn’t stand up anymore. They said several pigeons die in the canal each year trying to open locks after beaking van het onkruid (beaking the weed) – not nice.

Cruised down ‘the red light district’ – no pigeon lights anywhere. Shame. Never mind – too out of it anyway. Came back on the ferry last night – had to kip in Harwich – couldn’t be arsed to fly.

Nuts time. Knackered now tho. Defo gonna take Mart. He’d love it. Managed to bring him back a bit of space cake throwaway. Just left him spinning round loads in a phone box waiting to turn into SuperMart. Jesus.
This is the last pic I remember taking:

The rest of Lurgen’s crew post a spot of ‘beaking’ – totally out of it. Cool!

September 19, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Bri kijkt als u had een ontzagwekkende tijd in Holland „rond knoeiend op de rivier“. Uw pas ontdekte zekere vrienden kijken een gelukkige en goed geruste menigte.

    or “Lost in Translation” … 😀

    Bri looks like you had an awesome time in Holland “messing around on the river”. Your new found friends sure look a happy and well rested crowd.


  2. Elf Mandinio replied:

    ooooh you exotic traveller! Surprised you didnt hit the marijuana cloud that envelopes Amsterdam and plummit to earth to lay on some tram tracks in a stupor. I met some dutch pigeons once, in Rotterdam Zoo, but i suspect they were english pigeons just visiting because their accents were a bit dubious and they started pissing themselves laughing as i walked off. Cheeky.

  3. essexgirl replied:

    WOW! I think you should become a travel writer for Lonely Planet – these are just the sorts of tips that your average cool trendy bird needs.

    I hope you went through the red channel at Customs and declared your space cake?

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Michelle: BLess ya Michelle. Jesus – rested isn’t the word. They were practically horizontal the whole time!
    Your pal Bri

    Elf Mandinio: Marijuana – that’s what they called it and there I was thinking it was just the dutch word for grass. Twat!
    Your pal Bri

    Essexgirl: Travel writer. Cool idea. Wonder if they have that marijuana stuff in other places? Maybe I could do a pigeons guide to nice grass from around the world? What do you reckon? Mind you, still got to get my London guide off the ground…
    Your pal Bri P

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