Pigeon Suicide Pact…

A pal, Ryan, sent me a story about dead pigeons falling from the sky in some freaky town called Texacarna in Texas – apparently ‘marring the city’s annual festival’ by dropping dead after eating some poisoned corn from the roof of the local bank. Scary shit, and all a bit weird if you ask me.

First I thought it might be a mass pigeon protest suicide pact – not the first time – then I read this:

“The company, which hired Anti-Pest Co. Inc. of Shreveport, Louisiana, said its goal with the treated corn was to sicken pigeons, so they would leave the rooftop. Death was sometimes an unfortunate side effect, company president Jarrod Horton said.”

‘Death was sometimes an unfortunate side effect.’ What the fuck? Side effect… eh? If that’s a ‘side effect’ what’s the fucking full on effect?? Anyway, I don’t believe for one second they wanted a bunch of sick pigeons staggering around puking everywhere. Side effect my arse.
The whole thing started coz some poor dude couldn’t hold it in anymore and shat on a customer. Jesus.

Pigeons of Texacarna – I reckon you should get a mass fly-by together and cover that bank in shit. Literally. Do it everyday till it can bank no more!

Cheers for the story, Ryan.

September 15, 2006. Uncategorized.

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