Trev’s Big Day Out

Finally the weather stopped being shit and it got sunny again, so me and Mart took Trev up the West End. Trev’s our ex-postie pal from the North who came down to see us couple of weeks back. Never been to London before. Trouble is it’s been too rainy to get him out and about. Top day today tho.
Here he is with Hoxton Elliott who rocked up to meet him:

And here he is with some of the Brixton boys tucking into a sarnie – even managed to find him a poncey London one with sundried tomatoes:

Bless him tho – he got a bit over excited about it all… and passed out! Pissed myself. Here he is with Mart trying to bring him round:

He was fine in the end – typical tho, actor pal Doug got into the whole ER thing and kept on propping him up from behind…

That was until Trev said: “Fuck off mate, you’re freaking me out”.

Nice one.

September 10, 2006. Uncategorized.

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